Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Adjacent to the Yala National Park is the spectacular beachfront safari lodge- Wild Coast Tented Lodge. Part of Relaix and Chateau group and another member of Resplendent Ceylon. The lodge is exquisite , tasteful perfect rooms, a gorgeous lobby and a caring and thoughtful staff. Metres away from the Yala National Park, when you stay at the lodge; you can book game drives to see the animals at the park.

To get to the park , you can take a private flight to an airstrip from the airport.

The rooms are lovely. The Cocoon suite with a plunge pool was what we chose and the room was lovely. The room colours worked with the environment and the room was luxury and quirky both. The pool was just a plunge pool but with the warm weather outside was good for a quick dip!

We did an all inclusive trip which involved 3 Game drives and a nature walk with a ranger where we spotted paw marks , saw a variety of birds and even spotted a huge herd of elephants as they came to the watering hole for a drink of water. The Game drives were lots of fun. We saw plenty of elephants and lots of animals easily and the guide was knowledgeable. The guided walk also turned out very fun as walking through the jungle comes with it’s own challenges.

Food at the Lodge was wonderful and they tried to cater to our tastes as best as they could.

They also organised a special candle light dinner for us which had grilled and barbecue food and was delicious. They even organised a fun breakfast in the bush post a game drive!

Though the lodge is bordered by a beach and opens out to the sea; the sand is rocky and the sea rough; so it’s not recommended to swim in.

If you’re looking for a luxury safari lodge near Yala National Park, Wild Coast Tented Lodge is the perfect choice. With its stunning location, exquisite rooms, and attentive staff, this lodge is sure to make your stay unforgettable.

Cost-:US$ 4,712 for four nights on Fully Inclusive Basis- definitely worth it.

Best Times to Travel-:February to June during the dry season. With less water in the ponds, it’s easier to spot animals coming out to drink. The peak season for leopards is February and March. We missed the leopards and just saw a leopard tail as it was asleep on a tree… but maybe you’ll be luckier!


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