For my One and Only

It was Aditya’s birthday and we decided to go to a place Aditya had never been to- Mauritius. Now, I had been to Mauritius once briefly and it was a difficult trip. My Dad (Achan) had suffered a heart attack and I was entrusted with the responsibility of bringing him back home. Needless to say the trip, though in a glorious location was a frightening trip. Achan is great now (touch wood) but that was my only memory of Mauritius.

It’s time to make some new memories, we decided so off we went to Maurius and decided to stay at the One and Only St Geran. Air Mauritius had us there in a few hours and the resort is 60 mins away by car or a 15 minute helicopter ride away.

We arrived and because it was early, we were immediately ushered to a sumptuous breakfast, which we ate in the winter sun; albeit a bit exhausted. The room was ready almost immediately. The room size was large and comfortable. We had a beautiful sitting area and a nice sit out as well. We had chosen the Beach front suite which was absolutely perfect and we could just walk out of our room on to the cotton like sandy beach and in a few steps we were in the water.

What was also lovely and something I hadn’t seen before was that the beach chairs were all numbered so there was no confusion or needing to hold your beach chair which you often see at other properties. Each beach chair had it’s own private perfect view.

One and Only was very different from a lot of the other resorts we’ve stayed at in that its had a very quiet vibe. Describing it best I’d say it was laid-back luxury. Even it almost full occupancy, you barely saw anyone and it was a quiet , peaceful haven.

Mauritius was a lovely break for Aditya. He rested, relaxed and sun tanned. The hotel’s restaurants were a fun experience – Tapasake had fresh sushi and beautiful views and Prime had the most perfect cuts of meat. But what Aditya really loved was the swimming with the dolphin experience that we went to outside our resort!

Now the last time I was here I stayed at a suite at the Westin Mauritius Turtle Bay Resort and Spa and there we barely went by boat a distance of 5 minutes or less and we saw ten’s of dolphins. Like waves we couldn’t even differentiate the waves from the dolphins, there were so many and it was incredible.

This time it was a bit different though. We went by car for about 1 hr and then went on a boat and went about 30/35 minutes into the ocean and just as we were about to give up the most gorgeous set of gigantic dolphins swam right next to us. What was even nicer is that Aditya was able to swim next to them. They were playful and enjoyed swimming around him.A lot faster than him, they had every intention of playing with him. Aditya had the time of his life and easily one of his most memorable birthday’s.

In the evening, we had a magnificent private dinner on the beach front and enjoyed the calm that encompassed us as the waves lapped the shore.

All in all One & Only was the perfect calm in the middle of a hugely busy year and was exactly what we needed.

Cost-:Approximately $1500- $2000 approximately per night for a suite inclusive of breakfast.

Best times to Travel-:October on – it’s summer and just a glorious , glorious season!🙂 Remember this is in the southern hemisphere so May on , it’s winter and though the weather in the days is warm, the water is cold and the nights are chilly.


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