Emirates A380 First Class

There is a reason Emirates First Class is such a cut above the rest.

The cosy suites have large seats which convert into comfortable beds. Every seat has multiple charging points and are equipped with a fabulous treat tray and a small wet bar which holds cokes, sprites and waters. As you comfortably sit you are offered dates and coffee.

The vanity case is full of a luxury Byredo set, featuring a skincare collection made exclusively for flights. This allergy‑free collection hydrates and soothes your skin . And there’s lovely notebook and pen should you want to doodle about your journey or write something down.

As the plane takes off I loved putting a DND outside my cosy First class suite as I shut my door. Service in First class is as you would expect- polished, perfect and respectful. Items on the menu can be eaten at any time and at your convenience. I enjoyed a tub of pop corn while watching my iPad and topped it off with some ice cream!

As you get tired the crew will make up your bed so you can sleep. The mattress is comfortable and I was able to take a quick snooze before I decided on food. The entrees are plated perfectly and the choice is wonderful. Of course you can always order your own meal in advance if you prefer.

The shower and bathroom are glorious. Large and spacious with lots of mirrors and light. The crew set up the bath and shower for you and you can opt for when you wish to shower and someone will set you up. The Bvlgari amenities are perfect.


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